Stress Buster

Approved to use in organic agricultural system(SXC Certified)
Stress Buster is an anti-stress product that defends your yield during the hardest conditions while promoting growth during normal conditions.

Product Features​

It is the high quality active ingredients that make this product work so well.​

  • PGA(Polyglutamic Acid)-Physical layer of protection & retains water

  • Seawin's Polysaccharide-Reduce freezing point and regulates osmotic pressure 

  • Natural Osmolytes from seaweed-Regulates osmotic pressure

Packaging size: 20L, 1000L

Stress Buster contains:

Seawin’s Polysaccharides:

• Help to fight frost by reducing freezing point: able to penetrate through cell walls and get absorbed easily to increase the amount of total soluble sugars which reduces freezing points
• Help to fight drought & salt stress by increasing the osmotic pressure and preventing water loss

Polyglutamic Acid(y-PGA):
• Protects from frost by forming a layer of physical protection at the root and the leaf surface
• Protects from frost by enhancing the bio-membrane system’s stability
• Protects from drought & heat stress: Strong water holding capacity, holds more water in soil, also the thin layer formed on the leaves reduces transpiration
• Growth promoting properties: Can be broken down into short chain amino acids overtime and becomes available nutrient for plants’ uptake

Natural Osmolytes from Seaweed extract:
• Protect against salt, heat & drought stress: Betaine, mannitol and other osmolytes naturally occurring in seaweed, can regulate osmotic  pressure and increase plants’ resistance against the harsh conditions.



Hydroponic and field horticulture crops

Foliar: 165ml per 100L of water

or 1-2L/ha, minimum 500L water/ha.

Fertigation:  5L/ha.
For best results, apply before the start of stress period for stronger and healthier plants.

For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.


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