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Seawin has established high technology processing and manufacturing facilities delivering high quality and consistent products and achieved a great reputation and credibility. As an efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable way of enhancing plant performance, our seaweed extracts and fertilizer products have been accepted and used widely throughout the world. The Seawin seaweed extracts and fertilisers contain high organic matter levels, bioactive ingredients, vitamins, mineral and trace elements. These features significantly improve the plants ability to reduce the impact of stress, to promote growth and increase quality and yield.

Advanced R&D

Seawin has developed and maintains close cooperation with universities, research institutes, and testing services in different provinces to ensure our products are verified by laboratory and field tests. Seawin own 16 patented technologies, including the Proprietary Technology of “Enzymetic Extraction”, and have been recognised as a ‘Hi-tech Industrial Enterprise’ by the Chinese government.



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Proprietary Technologies

Enzymatic Extraction

Seawin's highly technical and specialized multistep enzymatic degradation process maintains high levels of active ingredients versus a chemical extraction method.The process generates a wider variety of differentiated polysaccharides in the product enhancing the overall performance in crop production.

Molecular Screening

This proprietary Seawin IP technology has the following benefits: -Enhances the development of new homogeneous products. -Allows for superior tank mixing capacity, -Provides consistent, smaller molecular products providing greater plant uptake, Can provide molecular screening that enhances the mineral chelating ability of the products.

Biological Chelating  Technology

Seaweed polysaccharide sulfate extracted by Seawin is an effective alternative to EDTA chelation and proven to boost utilization of trace elements.

Unique Features

of Our Raw Materials
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Seaweed Polysaccharide

Seawin's polysaccharide is a natural chelating agent and soil buffering agent, which improves nutrient availability to plants. The naturally occurring growth promoting factor also enhance plant growth and help plants to cope with stresses. 

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Fish Protein

Extracted from the cod fish skin using Seawin's highly technical enzymatic degrading process. This provides high level of organic soluble nitrogen (Amino Acid), also a significant amounts of growth hormones such as Cytokinin,  which enhances crop's anti-stress abilities.



Bacillus subtilis is able to make more nutrient available to plants, improve overall soil health and it is able to help to suppress bad pathogens in the soil/growing media. It is derived from extreme conditions or from the rhizosphere, making it able to colonise in a range of environments.

           Seawin Biotech and

The Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university with particular strengths in oceanography and fisheries science. It has graduated a large number of competent specialists in marine science for China. Seawin employed more than 100 Masters students to assist with establishing our enterprise's R&D center, and has 7 Doctoral tutor employees from The Ocean University of China to ensure advanced research and scientific support for our product development.