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SeaTrace Boron

SeaTrace Boron Pro is a concentrated liquid fertilizer enriched with Nitrogen and Boron, coupled with biological extracts from the brown kelp Laminaria(Saccharina) japonica.

Product Features

  • ​Prevents or rapidly corrects Boron deficiency

  • Promotes pollen viability, enhances seed set and fruit set

  • Protects flower and fruit from shedding

  • Support the synthesis of cell walls

  • Nitrogen to help effective uptake of Boron

  • Added seawin’s polysaccharide

Packaging sizes: 20L

Seawin's advantage:

Patented multi-step enzymatic extraction method extracts consistent and high quality polysaccharide, which brings the following benefits:

  • Natural chelating agent

  • Soil buffering agent

  • Bio-stimulant properties

  • Reduces stress and aids recovery

  • Improve soil structure



Foliar: 1-4 L/ha

Can be applied together with Agchem sprays, ‘Jar Test’ needed for compatibility testing.


For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.