Plantnurse Form II - 20L.png

Plantnurse Form II

Approved to use in organic agricultural system(SXC certified)

Seaweed Extract and Chitosan

Plantnurse Form II can accelerate plant photosynthesis and metabolism, and improve plant immunity, promote growth of plant root system especially the growth of root tips. Enhance resistance to stress; application with pesticide can significantly enhance the effect of pesticide. Accelerate with transportation and accumulation of nutrient, improve quality and increase yield.

Product Features

  • Promote plant growth

  • Enhance plant resistance to stress

  • Benefits of trace element for nutrient enhancement

Packaging size: 20L

Seawin's advantage:

Plantnurse is an algal liquid fertilizer with high content of seaweed extract and Chitosan Oligosaccharide. It can promote plant growing, prevent and cure all kinds of fungal diseases and Meloidogyne


Foliar Spray: 1-5L/ha

Irrigation: 5-10L/ha


For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.