Plant Protector Form II - 20L.png

Plant Protector Form II

Approved to use in organic agricultural system(SXC certified)

Potassium with Added Chitosan and Seaweed Extract

Plant Protector Form II can kill and prevent bacteria, fungi, such as downy mildew, grey mildew, fusarium wilt, blight, anthracnose, powdery mildew, leaf spot, bacterial soft rot, mosaic and so on. Has long lasting bactericidal efficacy, no toxic residue. Promote plant growth, improve crop quality.

Product Features

  • Benefits of potassium

  • Promote plant growth

  • Enhance plant resistance to stress

Packaging size: 20L

Seawin's advantage:

Chitosan Oligosaccharide is the only alkaline sugar with positive charge in nature and has unique biological functions. It can inhibit the growth and reproduction of root knot nematodes, and enhance the crop resistance to disease.


Foliar Spray: 1-2 L/ha

Irrigation: 2-4 L/ha


For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.