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Fruit Booster

Fruit booster is designed specially for fruit set, expansion and
coloration with a high concentration of ploysaccharides(15%) extracted from the green seaweed and brown Kelp. It has all the benefits of FertiGold, plus added Potassium Boron to boost the best quality fruit throughout the season.

Product Features

  • Potassium and Boron to enhance fruit set and development
    Polysaccharide to accelerate anthocyanin formation for colora t i o n
    Polysaccharide to help to maintain fruit quality and appearance even
    during stress conditions
    Polysaccharide to enhance K & B foliar uptake

Packaging size: 10KG Carton(1kg*10bags)

Seawin's Polysaccharides:


Fruit colouration:
Fruit coloration occurs when anthocyanidin(the sugar-free counterpart of anthocyanin) bind with sugars to form anthocyanins.
Seawin’s polysaccharide as a form of sugar, can be readily used by plant cells to form stable anthocyanins, therefore accelerates coloration.

Chelates nutrients:
Polysaccharide is able to chelate positive ions of K and B and bring them into plant cells through leaves, stems and fruits' surface.

Maintain fruit quality under stress :
The brown seaweed polysaccharide (alginic acid), helps with plant turgidity and regulates carbohydrate movements, so as to maintain the best fruit quality even during stress conditions.



Hydroponic and field horticulture crops

Foliar: 1-5kg/ha, Dilution ratio: 1kg to 1000L of water.

Recommended to apply with other nutrition.

Can be applied together with Agchem sprays, ‘Jar Test’ needed for compatibility testing.

For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.

Fruit booster Trial Results:
Crop: Hydroponic Truss Tomatoes, Geelong, VIC
Uniform coloration
Faster truss setting speed
Fruit booster Trial Results:
Crop: Royal Gala, Yarra Valley, VIC
Accelerates coloration
Increased sweetness