Suspension Zn - 20L.png

Suspension Zn

High zinc content

The use of Suspension Zn as includes direct application to soils to correct the zinc deficiency, root dipping and seed coating before crop transplant but also used for foliar applications of zinc.

Product Features

  • Suspended zinc particles, which will rapidly disperse into water

  • Correct zinc deficiency symptoms

  • Increase crop yield and improve quality

Packaging sizes: 20L

Seawin's advantage:

  • High Zn content, nanometre level nutrition

  • Good compatibility, can compound with macro elements with no sediment

  • Easy to absorb


Foliar Spray: 0.5-1 L/ha

Irrigation: 2-4 L/ha


For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.