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Compound N:P:K

NPK General purpose fertilizer with Seaweed chelating extract

Seawin’s biological enhanced compound N:P:K(16-4-16.7) is a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Seawin’s Polysaccharides. The added Polysaccharide is a natural chelating agent and can greatly enhance to uptake and absorption foe these nutrients.

Product Features

  • Enhance fruit coloration and expansion, increase sweetness

  • Make fruit size and color more uniform

  • Better yield and quality

  • Improve soil structure

  • Added Oligosaccharide to increase utilization rate of nutrition

Packaging size: 40KG

Seawin's advantage:

Patented multi-step enzymatic extraction method extracts consistent and high quality polysaccharide, which brings the following benefits:

  • Natural chelating agent

  • Soil buffering agent

  • Bio-stimulant properties

  • Reduces stress and aids recovery

  • Improve soil structure


Application: 150-600kg/ha


For application suggestions specific to your crop, please contact your local agronomist or Seawin’s distributors.